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Hebei Huanhai Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a grouped company composed by Baoding Huazheng Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Baoding Xuanzhaotong Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,  It focuses on the R&D, Production and Sales of Electrical series and Conveyor belt products...
HZJB-I 3 Phase Protection Relay Test Kit

HZJB-I 3 Phase Protection

Relay Protection microcomputer test device play a key role in operating electricity power systems reliably and safely. It is the testing device used in professional field of microcomputer protection, relay protection, excitation measurement, fault recorder. 
HZJQ-1B Transformer Oil BDV Measuring Kit

HZJQ-1B Transformer Oil B

.Store 100 experimental results, and display the currentenvironment temperature and humidity.
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