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HZ-3140 Transformer DC Winding Resistance tester 40Amp

Product Description

HZ-3140 transformer DC resistance tester introduction

DC resistance of the transformer will test the project of a transformer manufacturing semi-finished products,finished appearance test,installation, testing and transfer of power sector preventive trials , which can effectively find the transformer coil selection, welding, loose joints, missing stocks, disconnection and other manufacturing after the existence of hidden defects and running.

HZ-3140 transformer DC resistance testerFunctions and Features

Large output current, wide measuring range, small size, light weight, simple operation

High test speed, high precision, retest good, strong anti-jamming capability

With perfect protection circuit, high reliability

With discharge audible alarm function, clear discharge instructions , to reduce misuse

HZ-3140 transformer DC resistance testertechnical Parameters

Output currents   40A 20A 10A 5A 2.5A

Measure range     40A:100µΩ~500mΩ     20A:250µΩ~1Ω    

                             10A:500 µΩ ~2Ω          5A:1mΩ~4Ω


Resolution      0.1µΩ        

Accuracy    ± (0.2%+2words)

Dimensions     390mm×235mm×245mm        

Instrument weight    12kg

Conditions of Use

Ambient temperature   -10~50

Humidity    ≤85%RH

Power Supply AC220V ± 10%

Power frequency   50 ± 1Hz


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