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HZSD-29 ASTM D1500 Portable Petroleum Colorimeter Price

I. Introduction

The instrument applies to the determination of the color of every type of lubricating oil and other petroleum according to ASTM D1500. During the usage of the measuring instrument, the sample of petroleum is injected to the colorimetric tube. Then the chromaticity and the color number are determined after the sample is compared with the standard color sheet.

II. Main Technical Indicators

Power Supply: 240V,100W as well as the milk-shell bulb with dull-polished lining with the temperature as 2750±50K.

Colorimetric Tube: Colorful flat-bottom glass tube with its inner diameter as Φ32.5~Φ33.4mm and its height as 120~130mm.

Standard Color Disk: 26 light holes with the diameter asΦ14, including 25 of them containing glass sheet of which the color number ranges successively and respectively from 1 to 25. The 26th hole is blank.

III. Composition Of The Instrument

The instrument consists of standard light disk, optical lenses for observation, light source and colorimetric tube.

The color is filtered after the source light goes through the milky glass sheet and sunlight-filtering glass sheet. The features of the spectrum of the gotten standard light are similar to that of the north light. Two parallel beams of light are composed after the standard light goes through the plane reflecting mirror and prisma. These two beams of light share the same size and shape, and simultaneously and equally illuminate the colored glass sheet of the standard color disk and the sample in the colorimetric tube.

The standard color disk contains 26 light holes with the diameter asΦ14. Rotate the rotating-hand-wheel of the standard color disk on the right side of the instrument so that the sample fluid can choose the right corresponding color in the experiment of color comparison.

Colorimetric tube is put inside through the position of the small lid at the top of the instrument.

Observation ocular lens consists of convex mirror and concave mirror. Optical ocular lens has the capabilities of adjusting the beam of light and focusing.

IV. Performance Features

Observation ocular lens consists of convex mirror and concave mirror. With its help, both the color of sample and the color of standard color could be observed.

Optical ocular lens has the capabilities of adjusting the beam of light and focusing, and is easy to be put into usage.

Its structure is reasonably designed and is convenient to be handled.

The color number corresponds with the color number of ASTM D1500.

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