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ZDJ-4B Model Manufacturer Automatic Potentiometric (pH/mV/ISE) Titrator Titration


 With new microprocessor technology, the meter can show relevant measuring methods, titration curve, test result. It has friendly operating interface for convenience.

 The meter has several titration modes including Pre-titration, Preset endpoint titration, blank titration or manual titration. After titration, the meter can generate special titration modes directly which enlarges the operating range. The meter can perform pH measurement, acid and alkali titration, oxidation-reduction titration, precipitation titration, complexometric titration and non-aqueous titration with different kinds of electrodes.

 The meter adopts burette integration to decrease mutual interference among different solutions.

 The transmission system has been improved to reduce the size of the meter and noise during operation. The stirring system adopts PWM technology to adjust the speed of stirring system.

 The titration system applies the material which resists perchloric acid and it can perform non-aqueous titration.

 With the function of power-off protection, the meter will save the measuring data and parameters when it is power off at un-normal condition.

 The meter has USB interface which can be connected to the computer. It is controlled by the professional software. It can display titration curve, ion valence on the computer. It can edit and modify the titration mode, and statistic.

 It supports GLP Norm and can save 200 sets of titration data.

 It can also save titration curve.

 It supports firmware upgrade, function extension and individual requirements.

II.Specifications Measuring range

2.1. pH: (0.0014.00)pH

mV: (-1800.01800.0)mV



pH: 0.01pHmV: 0.1mVTemp0.1℃

2.3. Relative accuracy:

pH: ±0.01pH±1 bitmV: ±0.03% Full ScaleTemp±0.3℃

2.4. Burette volume accuracy 10mlburette±0.025ml20mlburette±0.035ml

2.5. Burette filling solution speed55±10s(When the burette is in full scale)

2.6. Reproducibility of titration analysis0.2%。

2.7. Relative reproducibility≤0.2mV

2.8. Relative stability±0.3 mV±1 bit/3h2.9.Sensitivity of controlling titration±2mV     

2.10.  Normal working conditions:


Environments temperature:(5.035.0Relative humidity≤80%

Power supply(220±22)VFrequency(50±1)HzThere should be no disturbance of electromagnetic field

2.11. Dimension(mm)340×400×400(length×width×height)

2.12. Weight(kg)about 10

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