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HZSR-3 Water soluble insulating oil acidity measurement test set

1.Product Overview

The instrument is according to GB/T7598-2008 "in the operation of the transformer oil, turbine oil soluble acid assay (colorimetry), design and development, specifically for transformer oils, turbine oil, fuel and other petroleum products are water soluble acid (pH) determination.Instruments and high degree of automation, only need according to the regulations of the standards,inject oil and water, then the instrument will be in strict accordance with the standards prescribed by the sequential heating, oscillation, oil-water separation, extraction of double water samples, separately to join two indicator (bromocresol green and bromocresol purple), color, colorimetric determination, display and print the results.

The instrument while improve the work efficiency and test accuracy, reduce user contact sample and reagent, the maximum guarantee its safety.

No manual measurement, just put the sample injection and water into the sample cup, instruments, automatically filling, heating oscillation, determination, drainage process and display the results.

One time you start can determine 1~3 sample,can according to user requirements for determination of sample selection, easy to use and operate.

2.The Main Technical Indicators

1. Applies to GB/T7598-2008,standards

2. The test range: PH4.07.0

3. Measurement error:≤±0.05PH

4. Repeatability:≤0.05PH

5. Applicable temperature: 10 to 45 degree celsius

6. Suitable humidity: 30%85%

7. Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

8. Power:500W

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