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hz-2000H power factor capacitance and tan delta measurement

Technical Indicators

Accuracy  Cx: ±readings×1%+1pF

tgδ: ±readings×1%+0.00040

Anti-interference index: frequency conversion anti-interference, can still achieve the above accuracy under the interference of 200%.

Capacitance range

Internal high voltage3pF60000pF/10kV 60pF1μF/0.5kV

External high voltage 3pF1.5μF/10kV 60pF30μF/0.5kV

Resolution: up to 0.001 pF, 4-bit significant digits

Tgδ range no limi,The resolution is 0.001%. The capacitance, inductance and resistance can be identified automatically.

Test current range10μA5A

Internal high voltage

Setting Voltage Range0.210kV

Maximum output current200mA

Boost and drop voltage mode: the voltage is set at will. Such as 5123 v.

Test frequency: 40-70Hz single frequency can be set at will. For example, 48.7 Hz.

50± 0.1Hz to 50±10Hz automatic dual frequency conversion optional setting.

60± 0.1Hz to 60±10Hz automatic dual frequency conversion optional setting.

Frequency accuracy: ±0.01Hz

External high voltage: maximum test current 5A, power frequency or frequency conversion of 40-70Hz during positive connection

Maximum test current 10kV/5A, power frequency or frequency conversion 40-70Hz

CVT self-excitation method low voltage output: output voltage 350V, output current 330A

Measurement time: about 40s, related to measurement method

Input power: 180V ~ 270VAC, 50Hz±1%,  municipal or generator power supply

Computer interface: standard RS232 interface, U disk socket (automatic U disk storage data).

Printer: micro thermal printer

environment temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃

relative humidity: <90%

Overall dimension: 430×330×350mm   

Weight: 28kg

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