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HZ-IV transformer lv winding short-circuit impedance measurement

I. Technical Parameters

Scope of voltage measurement: 5~400V

Accuracy of measurement: 0.2d

Scope of current measurement: 0.1~20A

Operating power: AC220V±10%

Power frequency: 50Hz

Operating temperature: -10℃~50℃

Ambient humidity: ≤85%RH

Net weight: 6kg

II. Characteristics

1.The tester is supplied with AC220V low voltage power to provide current for AB, BC and CA high voltage windings of the transformer automatically; collects data simultaneously and; calculates impedance error percentage automatically with intuitive testing results;

2.The tester completes the three-phase testing automatically in the primary connection mode other then inversed connection with the testing wire;

3. The tester allows either single phase testing or three-phase testing both manually and automatically;

4. The tester achieves output current limit applicable to test item with any impedance;

5. The test item can be measured without an external voltage regulator;

6.The tester functions in measuring zero sequence impedance;

7. The tester functions in measuring inductance;

8. The tester has a large LCD display with a menu in Chinese. Operation are facilitated based on the notes on the display; and

9.The tester enables printing and storage and is featured with high testing accuracy, high automation, small in size and light weight.

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