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HZ-3110B Transformer DC Resistance Tester

I. Introduction

The DC resistance is the transformer’s semi-finished product, finished product test, installation, commissioning test, and electric part prevention test necessary test projectthe transformer coil can effectively find the device welding, connecting parts loose, missing unit, disconnection, and other manufacturing default and other hidden danger occurred after operation.

The DC Resistance transformer to meet fast measurement requirement, we developed HZ-3110B DC Resistance Tester. The instrument is a newpowerful technology, small size, light weight, high output current and other characteristics.

The device is controlled by the microcontroller, with a high degree of automation, automatic discharge functions. It is a test instrument of high precision, simple, direct way to achieve fast transformer measurement.


1. The instrument can use the mobile phone to control the instrument through the special software. The test data is stored in a fixed format on the mobile phone, which is convenient for data query at any time.

2. The maximum output voltage of the instrument is 24V, which is convenient for selecting a larger test current and improving the test speed.

3. The instrument adopts advanced power supply technology, with multiple current position, test range is wide, suitable for testing DC resistance of large and medium size trasformer.

4. with anti-potential impact, test process interrupt line and power failure, power supply overheating and other protection functions, can reliably protect the impact of the back EMF on the instrument, and synchronize the sound alarm.

5. with any temperature conversion function of copper and aluminum material, touch input arbitrary winding temperature and conversion temperature.

6. Intelligent power management technology, instrument is always working at minimum power state, effective energy saving, reduce heat.

7. Seven-inch high-brightness touch color LCD, clear display under strong light, full touch screen operation, free switching between Chinese and English.

8. With calendar clock and power storage, can store 1000 groups data, can be check at any time.

9. The instrument has bluetooth communication, RS232 communication and USB interface for computer communication and U disk data storage.

10. It can print test results with its own surface micro-printer.

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