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HZ-3320D DC Winding Resistance Tester


     DC resistance of transformer is one testing item which must be tested during ex-work test of semi-finished products and final products, installation, acceptance test and preventive test of electric power department, which can effectively find out material selection of transformer coil, welding, looseness of connection part, missing strand, broken wire etc manufacturing defect and existing hidden problems after operation. In order to meet rapid measurement demand of transformer DC resistance, our company has researched and developed new generation DC resistance testing meter on basis of its own technology advantage. The instrument applies new brand power technology, which is characterized with small volume, light weight, big output current etc. The whole machine is controlled by a single chip microcomputer, which has automatic self-inspection, data process, display etc functions, it also has automatic discharge and discharge audio alarm and indication etc functions. Testing accuracy of instrument is high, operation is easy and simple, and it can realize rapid measurement of transformer DC resistance.


II.Safety Measures

   1、Ensure to carefully read the manual prior to use the instrument.

   2、The instrument operator shall have general application knowledge about electric equipments or instruments.

   3、The instrument can used indoor and outdoor, it shall avoid application location with rain, corrosive gas, heavy dust, high temperature, direct sun shining etc.

   4、The instrument is high precision instrument, it shall avoid violent vibration.

   5、Only professional personnel is allowed to carry out repair, maintenance and commissioning of the instrument.

   6、When testing is complete, ensure to switch off power supply and disconnect testing line after discharging alarm is stop.

   7、Switch shift of transformer only after discharge alarm sound is stop during measurement of no-load voltage regulating transformer.

   8、Prohibit disconnect and move testing clip and power supply line during testing.

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