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HZ-5100 Contact Resistance Tester


HZ-5100 Contact resistance instrument is a carefully developed high precision, digital switch detection instrument by the IEC standard And PRC's Latest electric power execution standard DL/T845.4-2004 Regulations. The Instrument adopt High frequency high power constant current switching power supply technology to detect the Micro ohm contact resistance. The Instrument is widely used for varieties of the switches and Contact resistance of switches and electrical appliances, contact resistance and Power cables, contact resistance of welding seam detection.The measurement data is accurate and correct, high stability and satisfy the requirements of Power, power supply department on-site high-voltage switch repair and high voltage switch factory contact resistance test. Output current and measurement resistance output at the same time in the 7-inch high brightness touch color liquid crystal, measurement results can be stored on the U disk, power off storage can meet the data query at any time.


1. The instrument can be controlled by the whole process of the instrument through the special software of the mobile phone, and the test data can be stored in a fixed format on the mobile phone, so as to facilitate data query at any time.

2. It has a variety of protective functions, such as reverse potential impact, disconnection, power failure and overheat during the test, which can reliably protect the impact of reverse potential on the instrument and give synchronous sound alarm.

3. Intelligent power management technology, the instrument always works in the minimum power state, effectively saving energy and reducing heat.

4. Output high voltage, measurement range is wide.

5. The test current comes from the high precision current constant current power supply, without manual adjustment, the test is fast and accurate.

6. Four terminal connection methods are adopted to effectively eliminate the influence of the test line resistance on the test results.

7. seven inches high brightness touch color LCD, strong light display clear, full touch screen operation, English and Chinese free switch

8. The instrument has a perpetual calendar clock and power off storage, which can store 1000 sets of test data for reference at any time

9. The instrument has bluetooth communication, RS232 communication and USB interface, used for computer communication and U disk data storage.

10. With a face plate type micro printer.

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