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HZKZ-50A Transformer On-no Load Loss Tester

I. Overview

HZKZ-50A Transformer On-No Load Characteristics Analyzer is the latest product of Huazheng Electric Manufacturing (Baoding) Co., Ltd. The instrument adopts the popular ARM processor in this year, with 168M basic frequency and 128m memory, which can be expanded to 4G memory card. Using 7-inch high-definition color touch panel, combined with emwin display interface so as to make the instrument interface being friendly and operated in a simple way, it can be operated through the touchscreen without keyboard. The instrument support database and can be exported through USB disk or transmitted to computer via data wire.
  The circuit design of this instrument is exquisite and unique, which makes it superior in performance, powerful in function, small in size and light in weight. It can not only be used to test the on-no load parameters of transformer, but also measure the harmonic content and waveform in the field. The instrument can record the test curve of transformer under on-no load condition, then provide reliable basis for transformer fault analysis.

II. Wiring And Attention

1. When using the instrument, please follow the instructions to wire and operate.
2. The earthing terminal or grounding terminal of power wire should be reliably grounded nearby.
3. Please input the correct setting parameters before testing. Inputting the storage sequence number could save the test results under this record number. Then set the parameters according to the parameters of the tested transformer. After setting up, click the “Save Changes” button to save and enter the test interface. Select the parameters that needed to be tested (impedance or parameter), click the “Start” button, and then slowly raise the test voltage to complete the test. When the test is ended, you can click the “End” button and saved the test record to complete the test.
4. The instrument is operated by full touch screen, please do not bump it.

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