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HZNQ-1101Z Automatic Pour Point and Freezing Point Tester Transformer Oil Pour Point Test Kit

I. Technical Parameters

1. Test standard: GB/T 3535, IGB/T 510, SO3016, ASTM D97

2. Test bath: 1

3. Cooling method: compressor refrigeration

4. Test range: -6845℃

5. Temperature control range of cold bath: -7030℃

6. Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃

7. Repeatability: ≤1℃

8. Reproducibility: ≤2℃

9. Display: 10.4" color LCD, 1024X768

10. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

11. Power: 2000W

12. Dimensions: (L) 540X (W) 580 X (H) 600mm

13. Weight: 45Kg

II. Main Features

The design, manufacture and inspection of the automatic pour point tester comply with GB/T 3535, IGB/T 510, ISO 3016, ASTM D97. It is suitable for determining the pour point of most petroleum products (fuel oil, lubricating oil, etc.). The automatic pour point tester is the measurement of a single test bath, the operator can control the instrument through keyboard, touch screen or mouse operation, the whole process is automatic, and the flow of the oil sample can be observed during the whole test process.

●Integrate the compressor, the bath temperature range can be from -70℃ to 30℃;

●The lifting mechanism adopts digital stepping drive, which has stable operation and large torque, which makes the instrument more stable and reliable.

●Completely meet the requirements of GB/T 3535, the whole test process is intuitive and transparent, and can be tested according to ASTMD97, which is more scientific and accurate;

● The test interval can be set by the user according to the situation, the setting range is 13℃, which is more user-friendly;

● The instrument has the functions of automatic cooling, automatic tilt test, automatic temperature control, etc.;

● The test bath has an automatic preheating function, and the user can set whether to preheat, the preheating time and the preheating temperature;

● Users can set the start detection temperature, detection frequency, detection times and alarm temperature according to their needs;

● The instrument has bath temperature correction and powerful data storage and query function. The instrument can store thousands of test results and can query the test results. ;

●The instrument has USB, USB printing interface, optional with Wifi.


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