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HZ-9003C Multifunctional Partial Discharge Tester Partial Discharge Testing Transformer

I.Adoption standard

The HZ-9003C multifunctional partial discharge tester is designed per the following standards:

GB/T 7354-2003 Partial discharge measurement

GB 4793.1-2007 Safety requirement for electric equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use- Part 1: General requirements,

GB/T 2423.8-1995 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products,

GB 2900 Electrotechnical terminology

GB/T 16927 High voltage testing techniques

DL/T 356-2010 Calibration specification of partial discharge measuring devices

DL/T 417-2006 Guide for Partial Discharge Measuring of Power Equipment

IEC1000 Electromagnetic compatibility

II.Operation Notice 

1.Read the manual carefully before operating the measuring device.

2.When use different sensors for measurement during the testing, should setup correct parameters at the “ parameter settings” to ensure the measurement accuracy.

3. If needs to replace sensors during the testing, should turn off the “ output voltage”.

4. During the testing, should handle the device with care, to avoid any bumps.

5.After testing, please turn off the power and then charge the device.


HZ-9003C multifunctional partial discharge tester is used for on-line detection and location of partial discharge of HV equipment, which is designed based on our many years experiences in the partial discharge measuring fields.

The system is equipped with composite TEV sensors, ultrahigh frequency sensors, High-frequency current transformers and high sensitivity ultrasonic sensors to collect partial discharge signals at high voltage equipment. The system adopts multilevel detect frequency reduction techniques to reduce the discharge frequency of the signals, meantime using high-speed AD conversion circuit to complete the signal digitization, also by using digital signal processing, adaptive filtering interference signal processing methods to ensure the reliability of the testing data. By collecting different signals produced from the partial discharge in different high equipment, the equipment operation status can be detected rapidly. The tester can be installed for detection with equipment operation and without any effect to the equipment operation. This will help the workers to make evaluation timely for the switchgear cabinet operation status, and thus greatly improve the equipment operation reliability, safety and effectiveness.

HZ-9003C Multifunctional Partial Discharge Tester include: device hostspecial partial discharge detection softwareTEV sensor (TEV) ultrasonic sensor (USS)ultrasonic concentrator (ELTW) high frequency CT (HFCT) UHF sensor (UHF) earphone and connecting wire.

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