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HZBS-N3 Closed Cup Flashpoint Measuring Instrument Manual Closed Flash Point And Fire Point Tester

I. Safety Instructions

l Be sure to use a grounded outlet for the instrument’s power supply.

l No touching the Oil Cups and its nearby parts during test, in case of scald.

l There must be someone on duty during the test. Cover oil cup lid in time if the sample is burning after the test is completed.

l No touch the oil lid because of high heat.

l Do not touch the ignition rod by hands; otherwise it will cause permanent damage to the instrument!


II. Function Overview

HZBS-N3 Closed Cup Flash Point Tester, color touch screen instead of keyboard operation. Used to determine the closed flash point value of petroleum products. Adopt advanced foreign technology, convenient and fast, open, fuzzy control integrated software, modular structure, in line with national standards, the United States and other standards. It is an ideal substitute for imported instruments. It is widely used in railway, aviation, electric power, petroleum industry and scientific research.


III. Instrument Features

l The new high speed digital signal processor is adopted to work reliably and accurately.

l Test, open cover, ignition, alarm, cooling, printing, the whole test process is completed automatically.

l Platinum heating wire method.

l Automatic measurement of atmospheric pressure and automatic correction of test results.

l Using the newly developed high power high frequency switching power heating technology, the heating efficiency is high, and the adaptive PID control algorithm is adopted to automatically adjust the heating temperature curve.

l Temperature overvalue automatically stops detection and alarm.

l Thermal - sensitive micro-printer, make printing more beautiful and faster, with offline printing function.

l Historical test records with time markers are stored up to 50.

l 640x480 color touch screen, easy to operate.

l Built-in multiple execution standards to choose from.

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