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HZDD-1152(MRV)Boundary Pumping Thermometer ASTM D4684 MRV Boundary Pumping Thermometer


The sample is kept at a constant temperature of 80 °C, and then cooled to the experimental temperature according to the preset cooling rate, and different torques are applied on the rotational viscometer to measure the yield stress and apparent viscosity of the sample. This instrument is manufactured in accordance with NB/SH/T 0562-2013 "Determination of Yield Stress and Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oil at Low Temperature". Other applicable standards are as follows: GB/T 9171, ASTM D4684, ASTM D3829.

II. Functional Description

Measure the yield stress and apparent viscosity of engine oil or other driving lubricants in the temperature range of -10℃-40℃. The instrument includes a test host, a water bath and associated software. The host of the tester is controlled by a computer. The MRV control software needs to be installed on the computer. The computer and the tester host are connected through the RS232 serial port. The user interacts with the host through the operating software to complete the test. The main body of the tester is designed with 5 viscometer measuring cells, each measuring cell is precisely matched with the pulley assembly through the positioning of the slide rail, which can measure 5 samples at the same time. The MRV program software provides functions such as sample testing, cell constant calibration, temperature calibration, custom cooling program editing, historical data query and instrument configuration. Users operate and view data through the software. The matching water bath provides cooling for the host.

III. Technical Specifications

Environmental requirements


5~45℃ humidity < 80%



1 set

Water bath

1 set


Power supply

Rated voltage






Fuse Specifications




Temperature range


Resolution (measurement)


Control precision




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