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HZ-1420 Lubricating Oil Insolubility Tester Microcomputer Control Lubricating Oil Insolubles Tester


Centrifugal separation technology is a new technology developed according to the state of particles in a practical centrifugal occasion. Particles of different densities, sizes or shapes settle in different centrifugation occasions, so a generally spherical inhomogeneous mixture can be separated by centrifugation. Centrifuges are used to further study biochemistry and separate large quantities of substances. For example, cells are collected, plasma is isolated, DNA and protein molecules are isolated from these pre-purified preparations, and viruses as well as large-scale E. coli, strict cell components, nucleoprotein particles, etc. can be isolated. This machine adopts brushless motor, microcomputer control, with automatic calculation and setting of RCF. It has the advantages of multiple program protection, easy operation and maintenance-free.

II. Working principle

The centrifuge uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to separate, concentrate or purify cells (particles) with different densities in the solution under the action of centrifugal force.

Place the centrifuge tube containing the same amount of test solution symmetrically in the test tube hole of the rotor. After starting the instrument, the relative centrifugal force (RCF) generated by the motor driving the rotor to rotate at a high speed separates cells (particles) with different densities in the test solution. The size depends on the horizontal distance from the position of the sample to the axis, that is, the rotation radius r and the rotational speed n, and its calculation formula is as follows:


n ------------Speed (r/min)

  r -----------Rotation radius (cm)

III. Technical indicators

1. Normal use conditions: AC (220±10%)V (50±1)HZ

     Ambient temperature: +5℃+40℃, relative humidity ≤80%, atmospheric pressure 860hPa-1060hPa

2. Input power: 750W

3. Speed: 0-4000 rpm

4. Centrifugation capacity: 4x100ml

5. Relative centrifugal force: 5390xg digital display

6. Timing: 0-99 minutes digital display

7. Weight: 40kg

8. When the noise is less than or equal to 60db maximum speed

9. Braking downtime: <40 seconds This machine is not suitable for use in flammable and explosive gas situations. Non-AP/APG type equipment; non-liquid ingress-proof equipment; no disinfection and sterilization classification. Electromagnetic interference sources, close to power lines and power equipment with a voltage less than 500V, the minimum separation distance ≥ 1.1m.

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