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HZD Series Transformer Oil Disc Separator Disc Type Transformer Oil Separator Machine Best Price


       Disc separator is a kind of equipment with high efficiency, large output and advanced automation. It is suitable for the separation of suspensions with low solid content and immiscible liquids with small specific gravity difference.

II. Features

According to the degree of automatic control of the disc separator, the disc separator can be divided into two types: manual slag discharge disc separator (DRY) and automatic slag discharge disc separator (DHC). According to the different slag discharge methods, the disc separator can be divided into manual automatic slag discharge disc separator, also known as semi-automatic slag discharge disc separator, and another disc separator fully controlled by PLC system is called Fully automatic slag discharge disc separator. According to the internal slag discharge method, there are nozzle slag separator and ring valve slag separator.

DHC type automatic slag discharge disc separator can be divided into two types: solid-liquid separation two-phase type and liquid-liquid-solid separation three-phase type. The feed pipe flows to the bottom of the drum, and goes to the drum wall through the shunt hole on the lower seat surface of the disc. Under the action of the centrifugal force field, the solid phase that is heavier than the liquid sinks to the inner wall of the drum to form a sediment, and the light liquid flows along the conical disc. The film flows toward the axis to the upper part through the light liquid centripetal pump, and is discharged from the light liquid outlet. The heavy liquid tends to the drum wall along the inner cone surface of the disc, and then flows upward through the heavy liquid centripetal pump and is discharged from the heavy liquid outlet, thereby completing the separation of the heavy liquid and the light liquid.

III. Scope of application

Dairy separator: used for milk skimming or milk clarification (removing solid impurities). Small separators are driven by hand and manual slag discharge, suitable for farmers and herdsmen families in pastoral areas; large separators are used for industrial production and are driven by electricity. , The slag discharge method is manual slag discharge or ring valve slag discharge.

Mineral oil separator: It is used to remove water and mechanical impurities from mineral oils such as fuel oil, diesel oil, lubricating oil and transformer oil, and can also separate similar emulsions.

Vegetable oil separator: for the processing and refining of vegetable oil

Animal oil separator: used for refining animal fats in meat processing, or for concentration and separation of fish oil in aquatic products processing.

Yeast separator: used for concentrating yeast and discharging slag through nozzles.

Starch separator: used for starch removal of protein and starch concentration, nozzle slag discharge

Lanolin Separator: Used in wool spinning industry to extract wool grease from wool washing water and discharge slag from nozzles.

Pharmaceutical Separator: It is used for the extraction of antibiotics, vitamins, etc. in the pharmaceutical industry, and is also suitable for the separation of liquid-liquid-solid three-phase mixtures in pharmaceutical and chemical production.

Beer separator: used for clarification of wine, wort and other beverages.

Latex separator: used for concentrating and removing impurities in rubber latex.

Paint Separator: It is used to separate impurities in paint and improve the quality of paint.

Algae Separator: Used for algae concentration, nozzle slag discharge.

At the same time, the company can independently design and manufacture separators that meet the needs of customers according to the different materials and processes of customers.

IV. Technical parameters



HZD Series

Drum speed r/min


Equivalent settlement area (xl07 cm2)


Separation factor G


Water capacity T/H


Motor power KW


Dimensions mm



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