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HZZS-100 Noack Evaporation Loss Tester

I. Purpose and scope

This instrument is designed and manufactured as per procedure A of SH/T 0059 and procedure A of ASTM D5800 Standard Method for Evaporation Loss of Lubricating Oils by the Noack Method.

It is used to determine the evaporation loss of lubricating oils (particularly engine oils). The evaporation measured is reported as percent total loss.

II. Working conditions

      1. The instrument should be placed on a fixed and flat workbench. Cross-ventilation should be avoided as far as possible in the environment.

      2. No naked fire is allowed around the instrument during operation because of inflammable materials.

      3. The instrument should be placed in the dry and ventilated environment.

      4. The power supply should be single-phase and three-wire. The instrument must be grounded well.


III. Main technical specifications

     1. Power supplyAC220V,50Hz.

     2. Power consumption≤2400W

     3. Temperature controlPID control

     4. Temperature rangeAmbient300

     5. Temperature precision±0.2

     6. Temperature measuring unitThermal resistance

     7. Heating method Metal-block bath

     8. Pressure adjustment High precision needle valve

     9. Suction method Vacuum pump

IV.Instrument structure and features

      This instrument is mainly composed of a heating bath and a filtering unit. It has below features:

     1. Metal-blocked heating bath. Safe and environmental.

     2. Wood-metal is used to provide good heating performance.

     3. Specialized vacuum filtering system is equipped.

     4. A digital timer is equipped for recording the test time.

     5. International brand needle valve and precise pressure regulation system makes the flow correct.

     6. Colored touch LCD operation. Easy to use.

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