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HZ-0253B Coulometric Chlorine Analyzer HZ-0253B ASTM D5808 D5194 Micro Coulometric Titration Sulfur and Chlorine Analyzer Price

I.Purpose and scope of application

The petroleum product chlorine tester is the latest product that applies the microcoulometric analysis technology and adopts the computer-controlled microcoulometric titration. The instrument is easy to operate, stable in performance and reliable in detection data. It is suitable for the analysis of trace chlorine in petrochemical products, and can be widely used in petroleum and chemical industries; related universities, research institutes and other departments.

II.Main technical indicators and parameters 

1、Measuring range of chlorine content: 0.5mg/L~10000mg/L

2、Temperature control range and accuracy

⑴ Temperature control range: room temperature~1100℃

⑵ Temperature control accuracy: ±1%

3、Linearity error

⑴ 0.2mg/L≤sample (or standard) concentration≤1.0mg/L: ±0.1mg/L;

⑵ 1.0mg/L<sample (or standard) concentration≤10mg/L: ±10﹪;

⑶ 10mg/L<sample (or standard) concentration≤5000mg/L: ±5﹪。

4、Repeatability error

⑴ When the sample (or standard) concentration is less than 1.0mg/L: Cv≤ 50%

⑵ 1.0mg/L≤sample (or standard) concentration≤10mg/L: Cv≤ 10%

⑶sample (or standard) concentration>10mg/L: Cv≤ 5%

5、Working power supply: AC 220V±20V, frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz

6、Power consumption of the whole machine: no more than 3000W

7、Ambient temperature: (10~35)℃

8、Relative humidity: ≤85%

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