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HZYA-2Z-I Hand-held On Load Switch Tester Transformer Tap Changer Test Equipment Transformer On-Load Tap Changer

I.Product Overview

On-load tap changer is the only moving part connected with the transformer circuit, so the detection of on-load tap changer should be attracted more and more attention. In <<Electric power equipment handover and preventive test procedures>>, it is required to check the action sequence of on-load tap changer and measure the switching time. The instrument is mainly used for measuring the transformer on-load tap switch transition waveform, transition time, each instant transition resistance value, three-phase synchronization, etc.

The instrument is high intelligent degree .It is easy to operate with all Chinese menu prompts. The instrument is small in size, light in weight and strong in anti-interference ability, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the field staff. It is an ideal instrument for ensuring safe production and improving product quality in power supply units and transformer manufacturing industry.

II.Main Functional Characteristics

         1. The device can cost a large output current, the device weighs less

2.Test YN, Y, D type transformer, resistance value without conversion directly display

3.This device has winding and don’t has the measurement of winding .

4.The amplitude of resistance and time values can automatically adjusts  according to the sampling values.

5.The device can display clearly in bright light with a seven-inch high brightness touch color LCD features , allowing users to switch between Chinese and English.

6.The device can automatically save 500 groups of data.

7.The instrument has a built-in lithium battery power supply, which is convenient for outdoor use.

8.The instrument can be connected with external printer to print measurement data, which is convenient for paperless office.(optional)

III.Technical Indicators

Output current 1.0A0.5A0.2A

Measuring range

Transition resistance0.3Ω20Ω(1.0A)   40Ω(0.5A)     20Ω100Ω(0.2A)

Transition time   0320ms

Open circuit voltage: 24V

Measurement accuracy

Transition resistance±(5%±0.1Ω)

Transition time ±(0.1%±0.2ms)

Resonant frequency:20kHz

Storage method :local storage

Dimensions: Main engine 252*160*65 mm)  Outer box 425*335*210mm

Instrument weight:Main engine2KG     Outer box8KG

Test lead lengthStandard 13 meters  ,length can be customized 

IVConditions of Use

Ambient temperature   -10℃50℃

Environment adaptation   ≤85%RH

Working power   Battery powered

Power frequency   50±1Hz

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