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HZJY-10K-Z Insulation Resistance Testing Unit insulation resistance test set of transformer


High-voltage insulation resistance tester, with 5 range: 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V, 10000V, test up to 20TΩthere is also a manual boost function.

● design in strict accordance with safety standards

● insulation resistance range: 20t Ω @ 10KV

● the short-circuit current can be adjusted up to 3mA.

● automatically display the test values of polarization index (PI), absorption ratio (DAR), leakage current and capacitance, dielectric discharge test (DD) and step voltage test (SV).

● excellent anti-interference performance. When the interference current reaches 2mA, the instrument still ensures the test accuracy.

● AC and DC voltage test function of the tested line to automatically identify AC or DC.

● the capacitive test object discharges rapidly. During cable test, there is no need for manual discharge, and the instrument discharges rapidly automatically.

● two power supply modes: Powered by lithium battery, the endurance time can reach 6 hours.

At the same time, it can be charged in use. In case of power failure, it can automatically convert from AC power supply to battery power supply.

● the operation is simple and clear, and the insulation resistance analog column can be displayed.

● digital filtering function. When the displayed value deviates due to external influence, the filtering function is used to reduce the influence.

● perfect protection function and prompt function for fuse burnout.

● data saving function and data export.

II.Specification Parameter

● Safety specifications

IEC 61010-1 cat.iv 600V pollution degree 2

IEC 61326 EMC specification: electrical equipment for testing, control and inspection

IEC60529 IP64 (closed state of outer box)

● AC power supply: 120V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz, 20 VA

● battery power supply: 16.8v lithium ion battery

● battery life: 5000V@100M , about 6 hours

● dimensions (L x W x H): 32cm x 27cm x 14cm

● weight: 3.8kg

● output voltage accuracy: 100% to 110% of nominal value

● output voltage monitoring accuracy: ± 5% ± 10V

● voltage measurement range: AC: 30-600v (50Hz / 60Hz), DC: 30-600v

● voltage measurement accuracy: ± 2% ± 3dgt

● current test range: 10mA

● current measurement accuracy: 5% + 0.2na

● short circuit current: 2 to 5mA, adjustable output

● capacitance test range: 25uf

● capacitance test accuracy: ± 10% ± 0.03uf

● discharge rate of capacitor test object: from 5000v to 10V, 1s / µ F

● protection: 2% error, shielding 500K Ω leakage resistance under 100m Ω load

● analog display range: 100k Ω to 10t Ω

● digital display range: 10K Ω to 20t Ω

● insulation alarm: 0.01M Ω to 9999.99m Ω

● insulation resistance test range and accuracy (temperature: 23 ± 5 º C, relative temperature: 45 – 75% RH)

      range accuracy






Other voltages

Not specified






Range: 1G/ V, 100G at 100V. When the voltage is less than 200V, the resistance error increases by 10%


100K -100G

















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