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LC4500IO Variable Frequency Generator Diesel Portable Generator Gasoline For Variable Frequency

I. Overview

The device is a compact, high-performance, air-cooled, domestic engine driven, suitable for use when there is no mains or sudden power outages.

II. Safety

Keep this engine out of the reach of passers-by and children. Do not place any combustible objects near the exhaust port while the engine is running. The height between the engine and buildings or other devices should be kept at least 1 meter, otherwise the engine will overheat.

Do not use this engine in a confined space. The gas discharged from the engine may cause unconsciousness or even death in a short time. Please use it in a well-ventilated place.

The engine is not filled with oil during transportation, do not start the engine until sufficient oil has been filled.

The generator operates under standard atmospheric conditions and rated output load.

Standard atmospheric conditions: ambient temperature 25°C, atmospheric pressure 100kpa, relative humidity 30%

The output of the generator will vary depending on temperature, altitude and humidity.

When the temperature and humidity are high above standard atmospheric conditions, the output of the generator will drop.

When used in tight spaces, the load must be reduced as generator cooling is compromised.

III. Danger

1. Fuel is flammable and has drugs, please pay attention to safety before refueling. Don't overfill the oil or the tank will overflow as it warms up. After refueling, make sure the fuel tank cap is tightened.

2. After refueling, wipe up the spilled fuel immediately.

3. Unleaded gasoline must be used, because leaded gasoline will seriously damage the internal parts of the engine.

IV.Technical parameters

Fuel tank capacity


Fuel consumption rate


Continuous operation time


Rated frequency


Rated voltage


Rated output power


maximum power


DC Voltage


DC Current


Starting system

recoil start


Overload protection


No fuse over-current protector


Frequency converter over-current protection program control



Overall dimensions

 (length × wide × High)


Net weight


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